IP Asset Licensing


This is a beta release of Story Protocol

This release of Story Protocol is beta and not yet production ready, which means that we could change the smart contracts or backend infrastructure that at any time without warning. When Story Protocol becomes production ready we will remove this warning ensure regular updates to this document with formal notice.

Licensing is an approach to protect the creativities of IP. In the protocol, in order to create a license on an IP asset and allow other creators to use the license to make derivatives. We need to first create a policy.

A policy is a set of terms that tell you what you can do with the IP Asset. What is a Policy Licenses are created based on the policies. So in this tutorial, we will teach you how to create a policy. After that, how to mint a license for your IP Asset based on the policy. And finally, how to use the license to link your IP asset as a derivative of the IP asset that gives you the license.

Create Policy

Mint License

Link IP Asset to parent IP Asset