Register IP Assets


This is a beta release of Story Protocol

This release of Story Protocol is beta and not yet production ready, which means that we could change the smart contracts or backend infrastructure that at any time without warning. When Story Protocol becomes production ready we will remove this warning ensure regular updates to this document with formal notice.

Let's now register our NFT as an IP asset. An IP asset can be either

  • A root IP asset: An original IP that is not a remix or derivative of another IP Asset.
  • Or a derivative IP asset: An remix of another IP asset

In this tutorial, we will first register our artwork image as a root IP asset. Then we will register a derivative IP asset using a remix of the original artwork. The derivative IP asset will link to the root IP asset on-chain. If more and more derivative IPs are registered under the same root later on, an IP Graph can be built using the on-chain data.