Content Management System and Collaboration Hub

WordPress/GitHub meets Fandom

GitHub revolutionized content management for software projects. WordPress did the same for web content. We believe a new CMS powered by Story Protocol can become the default solution for creative IP.

Story Protocol provides all of the building blocks that capture the atomic components of each IP on-chain, with a comprehensive suite of extensible modules to address the needs of a growing IP franchise. However, Story Protocol is the underlying Git equivalent infrastructure, thus we need a platform like GitHub to become the default go-to for IP owners to register and publish their work, set contribution terms, or create commercial licenses for their IP.

Ideally, this platform can handle distributed contributions from collaborators and community members like GitHub, including version control, while still providing the project owner the final control of what to accept and merge into the canon.

Some additional features:

  • Fandom-style wiki pages to outline project details, characters, locations, art style
  • Licensing page for both commercial and non-commercial use cases, including co-creation
  • Request for contribution functionality so project owners can easily post what type of help they are looking for
  • Discussion section to allow community members and fans a way to connect, discuss, and propose