Content Remixing Mobile App

Instagram filter before the social part

Instagram didn’t set out to compete with existing giant social networks from day one. Instead, they offered one hyper-focused feature and ensured it was the best in the market - the photo filter app. This differentiating value prop drove millions of users to download it within a year. However, differently from the earlier-mover competitor Hipstamatic, the first popular photo filtering app, Instagram presented two key additions:

  • It provided an easy way to export the asset to Facebook and other apps
  • It had a light social component in their app from day one (but never making it their main value prop)

Story Protocol is particularly suited for large-scale remixing with attribution, providing rich IP graphs for creators to see all remixes and derivatives of their content in one place. We envision a consumer-friendly, simple mobile app allowing anyone to upload original content (video or digital art) with authorized remix/derivative licensing. It can provide creator tools and easy export functionality to existing social platforms. The core differentiation for this app is the rich IP graph. Creators can check the entire remix graph for all of their original content, similar to how one can easily check all nested comments under a post. Like a Twitter comment or quote link, no matter which downstream asset link gets shared, a user can always browse back to the original content that kickstarted it all.