IP Licensing Platform

The traditional way of licensing IPs requires a tedious multi-month legal process and 1:1 negotiations only justified for outcomes in the high five figures or multi-million dollars. That limits access to many smaller or upcoming IPs that could otherwise benefit from opening their world to other collaborators or co-creators.

With the advent of new ways to bootstrap community-centric or outright community-owned IPs, we see untapped opportunities to reduce friction in the licensing process. We envision an IP platform or marketplace where any project, storytelling universe, game, animation, or PFP can provide licensing opportunities that are internet native. With this platform, projects can easily present promising licensing deals to their community holders or set up commercial terms that collaborators can easily acquire with a few clicks (one can even set pre-determined conditions to qualify).

The motivation to acquire a license could vary, below are some examples:

  • Existing brands or consumer product companies wanting to partner for brand exposure
  • Production companies interested in adapting an IP that is showing promise
  • Creators interested in finding early-stage IPs they can help co-create and grow
  • NFT projects looking to acquire IPs they can incorporate into their project with clear commercial terms and rights