A "Registry" functions as a primary directory/storage for the global states of Story Protocol. Unlike IPAccounts, which manage the state of specific IPs, a Registry oversees the broader states of the protocol.

Types of Registries

IPAsset Registry: This registry is pivotal for registering IPs into the protocol. It deploys a dedicated IPAccount contract for each new IP registered on the protocol. (NOTE: Inherits from IPAccount Registry.)

Module Registry: This registry maintains and updates the global list of modules and hooks registered permissionlessly on Story Protocol. It can enable/disable modules on a per-IPAccount basis for granular control over each IPAccount's interaction with modules and hooks.

License Registry: This registry stores all license-related states within the protocol. It does so by inheriting ERC-1155 and controlling interactions over license NFTs. Thus, all actions involving license NFTs must interact with the License Registry. Read more here