How to Use the Docs


Beta release

Story Protocol is still in beta and not production complete yet – this means that we could change interfaces, smart contract deployments and backend endpoints at any time without warning or notice to you. When Story Protocol is production ready, we will remove this warning and will ensure the production quality of the protocol and update the document at a regular basis with formal notice.

Welcome builders! This section will help you orient yourself around the documentation and find the most relevant information, references and tutorials.

For Web/Mobile Application Developers

If you are building web or mobile applications with Story Protocol, and are new to Story Protocol, we encourage you to take a look at the Get Started with the TypeScript SDK tutorial. You can also jump right into the SDK reference for more advanced usage of the Story Protocol SDK.

For most read-only operations, you can use the Story Protocol API. The Story Protocol API leverages The Graph behind the scenes to index and retrieve data from Story Protocol. Requests can include pagination instructions as well as filters to help you find the information you are looking for.

For Smart Contract Developers

If you want to build smart contracts with Story Protocol or build Web3 applications to interact with smart contracts directly, we encourage you to go through the Get started with the Smart Contracts tutorial which will go over:

For Everyone

If you are a product manager, a founder or an entrepreneur who wants build a business related to IP, or an artist or an owner of properties that need to be protected, you can learn how you can achieve the goal of IP monitoring, protection and monetization with Story Protocol. Please refer to the Ecosystem section to learn about the types of applications that people can build on top of Story Protocol.

Builder Program

Story Protocol’s Builder Program supports, mentors, and nurtures current and upcoming projects built on Story Protocol. We will provide technical expertise, marketing know-how, potential grants, and investor networks introductions matching the level of ambition and execution capability of each project. If you're a visionary builder already working on or planning to build a project on top of Story Protocol, we want to talk to you.

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