• setPermission


Sets the permission for a specific function call
Each policy is represented as a mapping from an IP account address to a signer address to a recipient
address to a function selector to a permission level. The permission level can be 0 (ABSTAIN), 1 (ALLOW), or
2 (DENY).
By default, all policies are set to 0 (ABSTAIN), which means that the permission is not set.
The owner of ipAccount by default has all permission.
address(0) => wildcard
bytes4(0) => wildcard
Specific permission overrides wildcard permission.

setPermission(request: setPermissionsRequest) => Promise<setPermissionsResponse>


  • request: The request object containing necessary data to set permissions.
  • request.ipAsset: The address of the IP account that grants the permission for signer
  • request.signer: The address that can call to on behalf of the ipAccount
  • The address that can be called by the signer (currently only modules can be to)
  • request.func: The function selector string of to that can be called by the signer on behalf of the ipAccount
  • request.permission: The new permission level