What is Story Protocol

Introduction to Story Protocol


Story Protocol is building the Programmable IP layer to bring programmability to IP. Story Protocol transforms IPs into networks that transcend mediums and platforms, unleashing global creativity and liquidity. Instead of static JPEGs that lack interactivity and composability with other assets, Programmable IPs are dynamic and extensible: built to be built upon. Creators and applications can register their IP with Story Protocol, converting their static IP into Programmable IP by declaring a set of onchain rights that any program can read and write on.

The Programmable IP Layer

Our Programmable IP Layer consists of two elements: data structures and modules. The data structures are the “nouns” of the protocol, storing relevant IP metadata into “IP legos.” The modules are the “verbs,” enabling a diverse array of functionality for the IP Assets registered on the protocol. Story Protocol’s data structures capture the core components of IP, and its modules represent the operations that can be performed on the data structures.

The data structures (“nouns”) provide an onchain, extensible, and composable standard for Programmable IP. Just as the creation of protocols like HTTP, HTML, and CSS accelerated internet adoption by enabling reliable and structured information sharing, IP on Story Protocol is designed to be similarly streamlined and networked. We leverage an implementation of ERC-6551 to enable any existing or new NFT to access our protocol via a Story Protocol Bound Account. This standardization makes it simple for any application to read and write on top of Programmable IP, maximizing the surface area for remixing.

Our modules (“verbs”) constitute the functional layer of Programmable IP. Once IP is captured in our IP legos, it can be composed and expanded frictionlessly through our modules. Modules are functions that unlock an array of abilities like licensing, revenue streams from derivative works, and access to global capital. For example, our licensing module enables Programmable License NFTs to be generated with the same flexibility and expressivity as code, like a programmable Getty Images that works for all forms of IP. Instead of relying on one-to-one legal negotiations, creators can set their remixing conditions transparently for others to seamlessly extend their work.

By making IP programmable, Story Protocol turns code into law, making IP legible and liquid.